Traveling Ama: Kenya Edition

We search high and low on our travels to find a sustainable source for textiles.  The bazaar unique to each country is an exciting place to visit, whether it be visiting villages, a night market, or the local thrift store, it is through these photo diaries we hope to share the excitement with you.  Enjoy the first installment of our travel photo diary!
In the Winter of 2016, one of our traveling Amas, Sakura, traveled to Kenya to visit her brother.  She visited different villages to learn about the cultures, artisans, and the textiles unique to each tribe.  Below is the the photo diary from her travels!
[ Samburu National Reserve ]
A group of beautiful mothers and their children of Samburu Tribe.  The littlest one kept pulling my hand to take a photo of him and his brothers 

[ Ol Pejeta Conservatory ]
Who can jump higher? 
[ Kibera ]
Kenneth, one of the Kiva artisans my brother works with, taught himself how to make jewelry out of recycled brass.  He said everyone is too busy hustling, if you want to make something you have to learn to make it yourself.
[ Kibera ]
[ Karura Forest ]
Colorful baskets growing on the tree!  These type of baskets are called kiondo, made from sisal with leather trimmings.
[ Karen ]
Fabric hunting for Ama Chronicles
[ Karen ]

[ Habesha ]
Thanksgiving Dinner!
Our wax print Kenya Collection!  The wax print design and color embodied within each textile are a nonverbal way for African women to communicate their message out to the world.

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