Traveling Ama: Thailand Edition

Oh Thailand, the land of a thousand smiles!  Alysa (Ama Chronicles founder) and  traveling Ama, Sakura, have visited Thailand numerous times, each time falling more and more in love.  There is a luxurious pull about Thailand, bringing to light the happiness and lightness found in the most simple aspects of life. 

The day and night markets are where Sakura found our textiles and other artisan made items, while my journey brought me to numerous temples and food stalls.  No visit is complete without lounging on some of the most beautiful beaches!  Enjoy our travel photo diaries!


The best way to navigate around Thailand - Motor Bike!

Chiang Mai

A beautiful driftwood teepee in Nong Buak Hard Park 

Wat Sumpow and Wat Pan On
Talat Tonlamyai Flower Market
Waroro Night Market and Bazaar.  Beautiful embroidered rounds by the Hmong Tribe. The pom pom lady at the Saturday Walking Street Market
Our favorite part of Thailand is the delicious street food!
Goodies at the Chatuchak Weekend Market.  One of the biggest markets we've ever been to.  You can guy anything from furniture and clothes to animals!  Here is coconut ice cream - so refreshing! and the most colorful hanging lights.
Temples in the middle of a bustling city.  Wat Pho and Benchasiri Park
Koh Samui
The breathtaking colors of Ang Thong and Emerald Lake
Dining under flying jellyfish!  There is so much DIY inspiration everywhere
Working mothers and the sweetest little girl taking a nap
Long tail boats on the shore
The view from the top of a hike on Railay.  The muddy trek to the Princess Lagoon.  I definitely broke a flip flop on this hike and ended up a muddy barefoot, happy camper!
Koh Phi Phi
The first impression upon landing by boat in Phi Phi.  Pretty amazing!
A cactus on the beach!  Our favorite things in one place
Quite the dreamy ceiling to hang out under
The Temple of Truth - life relationship with the universe presented in beautifully hand crafted wooden sculptures
When in doubt, look for Sakura under the most colorful umbrellas on the beach!
Our Thailand Collection!
These bags are made from a nylon/poly blend with gold thread woven throughout the fabric.  We feel the colors and sheen of this collection capture the landscape and feeling of traveling throughout Thailand!

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