Fique Mochila

The Koguí tribe lives in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains in Colombia - viewed as the heart of the world.  While the weaving of clothing and colorful bags is well known throughout Colombia, it is the traditional fique bags that caught our eye. 

The women of the Koguí weave traditional bags worn by both men and women made from fique.  A ceremony marking the transformation from girl to women is when the women receive their needle made from the horn of a deer.   From the time it takes to harvest the meat from the plant and dry, prepare, and naturally dye the fibers, each bag takes one month to make and is made with a single needle.  The bag is woven in a circular manner representing the way in which the universe moves with the spirit of the bag residing in the finished of the weaving.

80% of proceeds go directly to the Koguí

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