$ 71.00

Before being woven, the fique fibers are dyed using plants, roots, and bark.  These fibers were dyed in jalina (purple) and naola (red). The bags will start off stiff, but with use the materials will soften without losing strength.  The finished weaving has a fique fiber running along the top, which is meant to close off the bag by weaving the end back and forth across the opening.  Each bag is truly unique as the plant dictates the weave of the bag.  When the plant fiber is harvested, it is only then the width of the weave will be determined.

Length  13 1/4"
Width 17 1/2"
Strap 33 1/2"

Handwoven by the women of the Koguí tribe
80% of proceeds go directly to the Koguí

Please note
As each bag is woven by hand, only one exists. Prolonged exposure to rain and sun will cause the bag fibers to naturally breakdown, but proper care will ensure a durable bag meant to last a lifetime.  Although variations in the weave and color may exist, it is the nature of handwoven fibers.

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