Nepali Artistry

The sacred land of Nepal - beckoning travelers near and far to lose then find themselves in the rituals of purification and transformation found within the Himalayas. Aside from the awe inspiring landscape, some of the most widely published photos feature the unique textiles and colors worn by the Nepali in various regions. It is a dream for us to offer a collection of textiles straight from Kathmandu.  This collection of Nepali textiles is known as Palpali Dhaka.  While the history of weaving in Nepal dates back to the second century AD, this particular style is fairly new, originating in 1958 in Tansen, Palpa.  The Dhaka industry is led by women weavers who start their business with just a small amount of capital to support their family. The Palpali Dhaka is woven on a mixture of treadle wood or bamboo handlooms and some automated machines.