Ama Chronicles

Our Mission

Like the Japanese Ama searched the sea for bountiful treasures, we explore the globe for rare and unique fabrics and details.   With a keen appreciation for texture and design, coupled with the desire of cultivating community and preservation, our textiles are thoughtfully sourced from local markets, villages, and antique shops. New York is currently our home and it is here that love is sewn into every bag.  Through our limited production runs and in-house assembly, we are able to ensure a well made, quality product.

Our Products

Through each bag, we desire to bring the beauty and excitement of global bazaars to the wearer.  The ever changing collections are inspired by our travels and as each bag is cut from a continuous piece of fabric, no two bags are alike.  The pattern will remain, but minor details are what make each bag unique to itself.

The Ama's

Ama Chronicles was founded in 2015 by Alysa Q and made possible by the ever growing community of traveling Ama's.

Thank you for taking a peek into our Ama treasure trove!