Ama Chronicles

Our vision is to build a sustainable and consciously created business from the ground up and like the Japanese Ama searched the sea for bountiful treasures, we explore the globe for rare and unique fabrics and details.   

The textile industry is one of rapid growth, losing much of the craft and history behind the process in order to meet demands of fast fashion.  With a keen appreciation for texture and design, it is here we meet with artisans who have been weaving, dyeing, and making textiles using century old techniques passed from generation to generation.  We believe in the idea of everything having a second life, so we also thoughtfully source textiles from local antique shops.

Our workshop is in Brooklyn, New York and it is here that love is sewn into every bag.  Through our in house design and assembly, we are able to ensure production of a quality and earth conscious product, mapping our supply chain from start to finish. 

Through each bag, we desire to bring the beauty and excitement of global bazaars to the wearer.  The ever changing collections are inspired by our travels and as each bag is cut from a continuous piece of fabric, no two bags are alike.  The pattern will remain, but minor details are what make each bag unique to itself. 

In an effort to minimize the environmental footprint of our bags, we cut our patterns in the most efficient way possible,  keeping our fabric scraps to a minimum and not disposing of them.  We are working on ways of incorporating our scraps into new products, giving them a second (or third!) life.  

Ama Chronicles was founded in 2015 by Alysa and made possible by the ever growing community of traveling Amas.  

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